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Exam pre­pa­ra­ti­on in the form of various cour­ses or pri­va­te les­sons (online and class­room) for accoun­t­ants, stu­dents, tax spe­cia­lists, tax con­sul­tants and CFA candidates.


Our online shop has lec­tu­re notes and prac­ti­ce ques­ti­ons with detail­ed solu­ti­ons. In addi­ti­on, we also have our very popu­lar Mind­Map books for a vast varie­ty of sub­jects inclu­ding busi­ness stu­dies, eco­no­mics, taxes, sta­tis­tics and mathematics.


Our new online cour­ses on lear­ning tech­ni­ques will nice­ly round off your exam pre­pa­ra­ti­on. What’s the best way to easi­ly mana­ge your memo­ry? Lear Memo­ry tech­ni­ques with Lam­bert (Ger­man Only).

New online cour­se – lear­ning and memo­riz­a­ti­on techniques


New: our online cour­se for lear­ning and memo­riz­a­ti­on tech­ni­ques – becau­se for­get­ting is in the past!


How do you ensu­re that you will remem­ber what you have learnt and not for­get it the next day, or in the next exam? And most of all, how to recall the­se thing effort­less­ly? How do you remem­ber your lec­tu­re notes, which are 250 pages, in three days? How do you learn a lan­guage in four mon­ths and read a book with 300 pages in two days?


Ans­wers to the­se ques­ti­ons and much more in our online cour­se on lear­ning and memo­ri­sa­ti­on tech­ni­ques – with lots of vide­os and detail­ed texts – as always ever­ything pre­sen­ted by Dani­el Lam­bert (Ger­man Only).

Lam­bert Repe­ti­to­ri­en turns 25!

We have alrea­dy pas­sed the quar­ter of a cen­tu­ry milestone!


For stu­dents, accoun­t­ants, tax spe­cia­lists and CFA can­di­da­tes. With on-site clas­ses, webi­nars and one-to-one les­sons.


With more con­tent on our You­Tube chan­nel and pro­files on Face­book and Xing.


Becau­se it’s all only about one thing: your exam suc­cess! While our Blog posts exp­lain many exam-rele­vant topics.


Enjoy having a look around our website.


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Dipl.Math. Dipl.BM. Dani­el Lam­bert has been designing refres­her cour­ses for 25 years and is most­ly self taught.

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