Level I

Lam­bert goes Radio – Pod­casts auf Spo­ti­fy und iTunes

Sep 2,19

Unse­re Pod­casts für Bilan­zen, Steu­ern und Char­te­red Finan­cial Ana­lysts (CFA). Ein­fach mal auf Spo­ti­fy oder iTu­nes reinhören. Viel Spaß beim Hör­ge­nuss. 😉

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CFA Level I: Quan­ti­ta­ti­ve Methods, Sta­tis­ti­cal Con­cepts and Mar­ket Returns, Mea­su­re­ment Scales

Apr 10,19

There are differences between different nationalities, but there is no way to rank them. Nationality A is not better than nationality B, only different. Therefore, nationalities are measured on nominal scales.

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